A New Concept Blazes into Southern California

I had the distinct pleasure of recently providing PR assistance to Elise and Rick Wetzel (co-founder of Wetzel’s Pretzels) as they debuted their new concept, Blaze Pizza, to Orange County (and the world, as this is the first-ever location!)

Blaze Pizza recently debuted at University Center in Irvine, across from UCI.

Blaze Pizza is an innovative concept, combining the public’s collective love of pizza with your choice of traditional, healthy and gourmet toppings in an assembly-line fashion, at fast casual speed, and at affordable prices.  The end result is delicious.

One of the many things that makes Blaze Pizza a sure-fire success is the passion behind the brand.  Elise and Rick Wetzel,   along with Chef Brad Kent (who also created the acclaimed pizza of Olio in Los Angeles),  are committed to making Blaze a household name. Their passion for what they do, and what this brand stands for, is infectious.

At a pre-opening media event, Elise explained the concept of Blaze, the creative menu, and their casual yet hip decor, as well as the fun slogans seen throughout the restaurant and on their pizza boxes: “There is no wrong way to play,” “Cause a scene everyday”, and “Run to. Not From.”



Chef Brad Kent, a self described “food scientist,” enthusiastically explains how he spend years developing his pizza crust recipe to create the signature, light-as-air crispy crust. (Of course there is a gluten free version available as well!)



Upon entering Blaze, customers review the mouth-watering menu of signature pizzas, or can custom create their own from an array of fresh toppings ranging from tomato and cheese to pesto, chicken, arugula and much more.



One of the many custom pizzas made on this particular night, by Tom Holmberg of Tom’s Foodie Blog.  He and his wife Daniele of Dani’s Decadent Deals, along with the other guests,  also enjoyed sampling the signature pizzas that Blaze served up. The menu is rounded out by signature and custom salads, and gooey s’more pies for dessert.

Again, the excitement from the owners and staff as Blaze prepared to open, and their enthusiasm about the concept, made it a thrill to be a part of the evening. Passion drives business and makes it easy to “sell” your product or service. Ask yourself, are you passionate about what you are doing?  Do your customers feel and share the passion?  Does the media know about your passion? If not, let’s talk about how to make that happen!


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