Blogger Events 101: Going Brazilian

Hosting events can be integral part of public relations for consumer and lifestyle clients.     I have planned and implemented many events over the years, including a recent dinner for food bloggers at Agora Churrascaria, a Brazilian steakhouse in Irvine. It was a wonderful evening attended by a dozen bloggers who have loyal followings on their personal blogs, dining columns they write for Orange County publications, and consumers who respect their Elite status on the popular consumer review site Yelp.

Austin Trask (aka The Hungry Dogg) and Anita Lau (aka Mad Hungry Woman) were just two of the bloggers to enjoy a special media dinner at Agora.

If you aren’t familiar with traditional Brazilian steakhouses, you are missing out and need to make a reservation at Agora stat. Sixteen different cuts of meat are cooked on an open fire then carved table-side by servers dressed as gauchos (local ranchers from the south of Brazil.)

Our bloggers started the evening with Agora’s specialty cocktailsMojitos, Caipirinhas (original, strawberry basil, kiwi-mint or passion fruit) or an Agora-Tini —  and Brazilian cheese bread which is provided on each table. Guests then make a trip to the salad bar (which in truth is much more than  a salad bar!) followed by the array of beef, chicken, pork and lamb offered and served table-side. Of course, many guests were taking pictures for their blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter throughout the evening.

Duc Duong, a talented photographer and contributor to Much Ado About Fooding, enjoys the many cuts of meat at Agora.

Aside from the wonderful food and company, the evening was great fun for everyone. The bloggers got to meet owner Scott Im, hear about his background and passion for creating a high quality Brazilian steakhouse in Orange County, sample Agora’s vast array of dishes, and enjoy the restaurant as it was meant to    be experienced. While many food critics dine anonymously, it is often these personal experiences and intimate events that lend to    a successful PR campaign, not just for restaurants, but for many consumer and lifestyle brands. Remember, you want to connect and engage with your audience,      and then promote your company or brand.    Contact me if you’d like to get started.


You can read more about the evening here by Minerva Thai of Much Ado About Fooding.

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