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Delicious little French macarons, not to be confused with American macaroons,           have overcome the trendy gourmet cupcake in the dessert craze. Not that I am complaining, but as someone who has always had to sample coconut macaroons            at any bakery where I spotted them (not to mention the chocolate covered versions of these coconut mounds), I have found a new love: ‘lette Macarons at Fashion Island.

Quickly after they opened, I tried six flavors and couldn’t decide on a favorite of these little almond cookies with ganache filling… each was equally addicting. Available in a rainbow of colors and flavors, a few must-tries include Sweet Wedding Almond, Madagascar Vanilla, Caribbean Chocolate, Sicilian Pistachio and Raspberry. (I’ve heard Salted Caramel is divine, but haven’t tried it… yet!)

Be sure to stop by and treat yourself, pick some up as gifts, or order some of these French delights for your next party. You’ll thank me later!

‘lette Macaron is located near Nordstrom, next to Great Maple, at Fashion Island and can be reached at (949) 706-8299.

I can't wait for another trip to 'lette Macaron.









These delightful almond cookies come in a rainbow of flavors and colors.


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