Cucina Enoteca: “A triple threat” at Irvine Spectrum Center

One of my favorite new restaurants in Orange County is CUCINA enoteca at Irvine Spectrum Center. It might be a panini for lunch or a hearty pasta or lasagne with veal for dinner, but regardless of what I order, everything has been delicious. This California-inspired Italian restaurant (the brand’s first location in the area) also has an extensive wine list, from which you can purchase wine to take home (and of course enjoy at your table.)

Jessica Forsyth of Coast Magazine recently reviewed CUCINA enoteca and I believe she agreed with what so many diners have said – it’s as if Anthropologie and a fabulous Italian restaurant got married. CUCINA enoteca is the hip and delicious result.  Here is what Jessica had to say in Coast.

One of my favorites from the menu.
The tiramisu is irresistible at CUCINA enoteca!

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